Haiiii, ada yang dapet tugas bikin diary bahsa inggris? tapi bingung bikinnya gimana? ini nih ada contoh diary buatan saya, tapi maaf ya kalo ada salah, masih belajar. wkwkwkw


Sunday, 28th August ‘11

In the morning, I did my activity as usual. Suddenly, my sister says that we will go to the mall. I think she just kidding, so I did my activity again. I didn’t yet take a bath yesterday.

And then, at 10.00 a.m. my mother asks me to go along. “Oh we will shop?” I was so startled. ”Of course, come on! Take a bath one minute”, my mother said.

We went to the mall at 11.00 am. There, my parents allow me to bought something. I decide to bought a trouser. Today was a great day.

Tuesday, 30th August ‘11

My father cancelled the ied pray today, because the changed of ied day. So, he was fasting again with us.

Second by second pass like usual. Today I woke up at 08.30 a.m. I saw my brother and my sister were watching a movie. The movie was so interest.

After watched Doraemon’s movie, my sister went to the toilet to took a bath. But, I was so lazy to took a bath. Then, at 1.00 p.m. I saw my brother and my sister were watching television again. But now, my father came along with us. “I think today is ‘watching day’, ha-ha”.

At 04.00 p.m. my uncle came to grandma’s home. I was ashamed because I didn’t yet take a bath. Finally at 04.45 p.m., I went to the toilet to took a bath. Then, I went to my grandma’s house. There, Luzman and Ghozi—my cousin gave me some ‘THR’—money. Although they didn’t yet have married, they gave us some THR from their salary. I was happy to have cousin like them.

Today we got broke fast with kupat—food consisting of rice steamed in a coconut leaf, and opor—chicken dish cooked with coconut cream and various spices. Because tomorrow is an idul fitri day.

Wednesday, 31st August 2011

In the morning, at 06.22 a.m. we went to the MAN 2 Bandung’s field to commit ied prayer. My family and me wore the best clothes we have. Because today was a fitri day. The idul fitri’s lecture was so concise, just a few minute. Although that, I still enjoying the rare moment like that.

Thursday, 1st September ‘11

I overslept, at 05.30 a.m. I woke up. And also at this moment, some relatives from Kudus were arrived to my grandma’s home. Today was a common day. Even, I felt so free today, I can ate some food or I didn’t eat anything if I want.

Finally, I didn’t eat anything from the morning into the afternoon. But, in the night I had a recent request from my stomach to ate some food. Ha-ha, amazing!



Friday, 2nd August ‘11

Today I was so enjoying the day. At 09.30 a.m. my uncle came here brought some grid. Because boredom of eating coconut cream’s food, my families decide to grill some fish by using some charcoal!

The grilled fish was so delicious; especially we cooked it in the garden. My blouse and jilbab—female headgear that exposes face but not ears, neck, and hair, so smelled of fish oil. Although that, the day was an excited day.

Saturday, 3rd August ‘11

Today, I attended the family gathering. My big families usually call the agenda as “Simpay Ma’uk”. The gathering was so pleased, although we came too late.

Lecture, mess together, door prize, presentation about family’s history were some schedule in this gathering. At 03.00 p.m. agenda Simpay Ma’uk was done. We back to home with happiness.

Sunday, 4th August ‘11

It was a bright morning on Sunday, at 06.00 a.m. Suddenly, my aunt came to my home. She asks me to go along to Gasibu—a Sunday market who has a location in front of “Gedung Sate” Bandung.

There, the merchantmen sold various goods, like clothes, shoes, trousers, cap, some food and drink, etc. I think everything was being there.

Almost all of goods are cheap. Except some food and drink are so expensive. Finally, I only bought a bag, a pair of shoes, a bottle of water, and a plate of chicken porridge. At 10.00 a.m. we back to home. We were very happy today.

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About bluelovers9

saya adalah: *seseorang yang masih pengen hidup da dosanya masih banyak, *seseorang yang masih hidup *seseorang yang mencintai diri sendiri, meskipun jelek. wkwkwkw *seseorang yg berharap selalu ada pada jalan-Nya. *pecinta warna biru^^

25 responses »

  1. kim vie minoz mengatakan:

    ..ada tugas ni kak
    bkin diary,, msih bngung kyk apa
    blh mnta bantuan’ny kak ??

  2. Raya mengatakan:

    thanks infonya, sangat membantu saya dalam mengerjakan tugas ini, hehehe.

  3. Sipa mengatakan:

    Wah ngebantu banget, makasih

  4. destyan mengatakan:

    rumus past tense gimana kak??

  5. adekkecil mengatakan:

    hehe. makasih yaaa. membantu banget loh ((˘ʃƪ˘){(˘ʃƪ˘)})

  6. pradipto mengatakan:

    tq ya. makasih sebesarnya @_@

  7. irma mengatakan:

    aku buat kan diary b,inggris tp yg pendek aja dong kak , boleh ya

  8. pngen tau mengatakan:

    diary b.inggrisx yg ada veb2+to be kak mna
    tlong buat dong kak okokokok….
    mkce kak

  9. TIKAGYU mengatakan:

    sangat membantu^^
    thank you :)

  10. asdf mengatakan:

    many thanks :)

  11. ika kartika mengatakan:

    hayy kk , ada tugas nih dri gru d sruh bkin diary , blh minta tlong gk d bkinin yg inggris nyh ,, hhhe

  12. rina mengatakan:

    bantuin tugas aku kak tolong artiin ini ya ka
    “hai ini ada ulangan dadakan yaitu ulangan ips,dan itu sangat bikin bete sekali ada ulangan ips tapi untungnya saya bisa mengertjakan soal itu ya walaupun rasa susah. selesai pelajaran di sekolah saya ke bimbingan belajar untung tambahan pelajaran matematika setelah itu saya langsung pulang dan beriistirahat dan malam nya saya belajar kembali untuk pelajaran besok” makasih sebelumnya

  13. Peppy Sean mengatakan:

    Gimana sih Kak cara menentukan th , nd , rd , sama st dalam penulisan tanggal ??

  14. andhy mengatakan:

    makasi kak….
    dgan adax contoh DIARY, sy dpat menyelesaikn tgas saya.
    yaitu membuat diary

  15. makasih infonya :D jadi bisa ngerjain tugas hehehe

  16. dinda widiastuti mengatakan:

    belum ngerti tugas diary dalam bahasa inggris liat contohnya dulu hehehe…

  17. zahrahra32 mengatakan:

    Makasih infonya ya. Bermanfaat ^^

  18. lee nha mengatakan:

    makasih ya kak :)

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